We design and build exclusive houses and residences.

DeluxeHomes – a company that was originally created as a mult-faceted team of specialists, architects,
engineers, builders, designers and furniture designers, whose main task – to express our client’s outlook
in its housing. We are convinced that exclusive projects cannot be created on the stream.


Creaton of exclusive objects – this is a mult-step process that must be controlled by the creator-
architect of the project since the formaton of ideas and to commissioning client.
Therefore, we ofer a full range of design and implementaton.

First stage is the creaton of a “psychological portrait” of the future house.

This is probably the most important stage, where our experts are trying to catch all the needs of
customers and to apply them in the most practcal and aesthetc forms.
We create a selecton of associatve images, emotonal visualizaton, collect all the positve emotons,
feelings and experiences that the client has encountered. In the future, all these metaphysical moments
will be refected in your home.
For us, house design – is the realizaton of the dreams of our Customers. But we do not dwell only on the
dreams of our Customers but also develop them.

Second stage – the development of a concept.

At this stage, the concept of the house is formed. The whole team of professionals, architects, designers
and engineers are working in parallel without interfering with each other. At this stage we create
– site plan
– structural design
– engineering systems of house
– foor plans, facades, sectons, 3D visualizatons ect.

Third stage – development of working drawings and specifcatons.

A very important phase of the work.
At this stage, we are creatng and completng all projects, drawings and diagrams.
Coordinatng with constructon crews, designers and municipal authorites. The fnal working drawings
will be sent to the constructon site afer this stage.

The fourth stage is constructon.

At the constructon site, we represent Clients.
We protect the Client, controlling the price, quality and tming of constructon.
We carry out a tenders to determine the builders, suppliers and contractors to get the best price, quality
and tming. We monitor the constructon process on a daily basis throughout the constructon period.

The ffh stage is the control of the supply of materials, furniture and equipment.

We help the client to choose, fnd and take everything necessary to complete the process.

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